Lotus Temple proudly presents… Tao Rune, by 巫蓮 (cat.: wu.001)!

巫蓮 - Tao Rune - cover


Dear sages and friends who follow us through re-treats and our being, today we proudly present the album Tao Rune, by 巫蓮.

We are happy that some experiences from our journeys are finally processed in art form, sounds are combined into the forms what are expressions of our Inner Shamanic being. Album reflects our journeys and interests, it shows that our current turns around Tao, pilgrimages and ecstatic deliberative sessions where our accumulated powers and energies are expressed in art-forms and also as manifestations…

With Tao Rune we present to you some of poetry that was written by Wu Lian (巫蓮) and which shows to you beautiful parts of our Soul, that lines were born from our true feelings and passions, some of them with tears… As is, for you ❤

Best wishes and blessings from Lotus Temple! Much Love.

Link to the sounds: http://wu-lian-temple.bandcamp.com/


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